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The Colorado Railroad Museum’s field trips and outreach materials are designed to engage students using historical objects and primary sources that build critical thinking skills, encourage vocabulary development and address Colorado Academic Standards.

Whether it’s one of our on going programs or a program related to our changing exhibitions – the Colorado Railroad Museum is committed to helping your students connect with and understand the topics critical to making Colorado what it is today, and the instrumental role that railroads played in that story.

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Students are immersed in Colorado history at the Colorado Railroad Museum. Field trips to the museum can address standards in Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Art standards for the Colorado Core Curriculum.

Student Group Admission
$4 per child, ages 2-15. Advanced reservations are required for children’s groups and there is a maximum of 60 children per group. We request a ratio of one adult chaperone per five children. Chaperones receive free Museum admission.

Please save and fill out the Field Trip Reservation Form available here and send the completed form to

Questions? Email or call 720-974-4870.

“Thank you so much for the beyond amazing day! My students took away so much. Your staff was very engaging and knew this age group so well.  We are looking forward to always making the trip each year. Loved it!”
– Julia’s Crew


Colorado Railroads On Your Own
Grades: preK to 12th
$4.00 per student
Students set out on their own to explore all the history the Colorado Railroad Museum has to offer.

Grades: preK to 1st
$4.00 per student
Learn the difference between a passenger and freight car, a caboose and locomotive and the work they do on this fun, activity-based tour that brings students up close and personal to real trains!

Machines in the Age of Rail
Grades: 3rd to 12th
$4.00 per student
Using primary documents and objects as well as hands-on activities, students explore the impact of railroads on westward expansion during the 19th & 20th century-gaining a greater understanding of their influence on United States and Colorado history.

Galloping Goose: A Colorado Original
Grades: 6th to 12th
$4.00 per student
Delve into the simple and complex machines found at the museum’s active rail yard. Students use steam locomotives, a turntable, and telegraphs to explore wheels, axles and inclined planes.

Rail Days: A Colorado Field Trip
Grades: 2nd to 6th
$8 per student, per day.
Available 10:00AM–1:00PM Wednesday, April 29 to Friday May 1, 2020. Registration required by Friday, April 17, 2020.

Join the Colorado Railroad Museum for a fun-filled day on the rails!

This is an extra-special opportunity for an in-depth and extra engaging field trip experience for your students! Your group will see, hear, smell and ride behind an authentic Colorado steam locomotive. Area cultural organizations will join us to explore and discuss Pullman Porters, communicate with the Telegraph using Morse Code, and “lay track” on a Giant Map of Colorado. Author Robert Louis Stevenson will even be on-hand to discuss his trip on the Transcontinental Railroad with students!

Applications are available online by clicking here.


Artifact Trunks
Grades preK to 6th
Cost: $50 per class.
Explore historic artifacts for a better understanding of how railroads impacted our state. The museum offers two trunks:
• Technology Trunk: Examine the impact of technologies developed for train travel – telegraph, standard time, rail tracks, and more
• Social Change Trunk: Explore how Native Americans, African Americans, Chinese Americans, and women were affected by the age of railroads.

Meet My Friend…
Grades: 2nd to 12th
Cost: $100 per class
A number of characters depended upon Colorado railroads to make their living. Invite one of our friends to your classroom for a program that helps bring history to life.
• Engineer Steve worked for the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe his entire career.
• Mary Colter was an architect and designer for railroads & hotels.
• Author, Robert Louis Stevenson was an emigrant who rode the American Transcontinental Railroad west in the 1880s.


Curriculum Standards

An updated overview of the Colorado Academic Standards addressed by each program is coming soon!


Field trips are available by reservation Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate different times.

• $4 per child, preK-12th grade (unless otherwise listed).
• Free admission for one adult chaperone for every five children (under 12). $10 for each adult over this ratio.
• Payment in full is due on the day of your field trip.


The Colorado Railroad Museum has developed a four-page School Group Worksheet. Visitors are invited to print copies for their next visit:

School Group Worksheet

School Group Chaperone’s Key



March 23–27, 2020
10:00AM to 1:30PM
Included with Museum admission.
Encourage students and their families to join the Museum for a week of special hands-on activities focusing on the railroad’s role in settling Colorado.

Learn more here.



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15-acre railyard with over 100 locomotives is waiting for you to explore. 


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