There’s something amazing about trains. The familiar whistle has always promised adventure. The gentle rock of the rails has set the rhythm of our lives. Experience it all again at the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Stroll the Museum’s 15-acre railyard with over 100 narrow and standard gauge steam and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, cabooses, G-scale garden railway and more. Watch as Colorado railroad history is brought back to life in our Roundhouse restoration facility with a working turntable.



Locomotives pull (or sometimes even push) a train along the track.

 Learn more and view locomotives

Business and Passenger Cars

The earliest passenger cars, called coaches, carried passengers across the country on narrow velvet seats.

 Learn more and view business and passenger cars

Snow Plows

Snow removal is a formidable challenge throughout the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains.

Learn more and view snow plows

Freight Cars

Freight cars are as varied and unique as the types of equipment and goods they carry.

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Water Tank

The Museum’s “No Agua” water tank has a capacity of about 10,000 gallons and is used to fill the operating steam locomotives. The name comes from a water stop on the D&RG’s Chili Line to Santa Fe, New Mexico, located near a settlement called No Agua. In appreciation of the local humor, the railroad decided to call the water stop No Agua.

Click here to watch Big Train Tours: Thirst Quencher – The Museum’s Water Tower

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Cabooses were used as traveling offices, bunkrooms and kitchens.

 Learn more and view cabooses


Come Hitch a Ride

15-acre railyard with over 100 locomotives is waiting for you to explore. 


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