Essential Partners in the Museum Experience
The partnership of Volunteers brings value to every aspect of the Colorado Railroad Museum, from exhibits and grounds to guest services and events.

Volunteers invest thousands of hours to help ensure that the Museum’s 90,000+ annual visitors enjoy a memorable and educational experience of Colorado’s railroad heritage.

We invite you to serve as a Volunteer so that your individual talents can help keep the Museum one of the best of its kind.

Consider a Volunteer Opportunity to Match Your Interests

Equipment Restoration and Maintenance
The Museum is fortunate to have more than 100 locomotives, cabooses and railcars that require skilled care. Volunteers enjoy hands-on involvement in painting, lettering, metalwork, machining, carpentry and pipefitting.

To help ensure that the Museum remains an engaging destination, volunteers assist with installation, maintenance and general upkeep of displays and exhibits.

The park-like setting of the Museum grounds requires regular and careful attention so that it remains inviting and accessible to guests, particularly from April through October.

A friendly guide can create a positive visitor experience and help bring to life Colorado’s fascinating railroad history. You don’t need to be an expert, just someone who enjoys meeting people.

Library and Archives
Volunteer support in the care and use of our extensive resource collection allows the library staff to increase public research hours in the renowned Robert W. Richardson Library.

Office and Depot General Store
To provide attentive customer service, we rely on volunteers to work closely with the staff by stocking merchandise, answering phones and performing general office duties.

Become a member of the train crew by joining our on-the-job training program. Start as a Trainman, work up to Brakeman, Conductor, Fireman and eventually even Engineer.

From spiking down track to replacing rotten ties and installing new switches, volunteers will get a physical workout and a real sense of accomplishment.

General Qualifications for Volunteers
To help ensure that Volunteer participation is effective and safe for all involved, the Colorado Railroad Museum wants to make sure that any interested individuals are:

  • At least 16 years of age
  • Able to work with others for the good of the Museum
  • Willing to adhere to general volunteer standards

Volunteers may work on any day of the week and in more than one area.

Making Your Service a Success
We deeply appreciate the hundreds of volunteers whose efforts advance the mission of the Colorado Railroad Museum. When you commit to serving as a volunteer, we make a commitment too—to providing you with resources and opportunities that will make your contribution successful and fulfilling.

Specialized Training
Through Museum resources and interaction with staff and volunteers, you’ll gain the knowledge to serve well. According to your role, you’ll learn about railroading, history, artifacts, visitor services and other important aspects of our events and operations.

Colorado Pride and Community Service
There’s nothing quite like volunteering to express pride in Colorado’s amazing railroad heritage and to enrich the learning and enjoyment of residents and visitors to the Rocky Mountain region.

Friendly Connections
Among the Museum’s many volunteers, you’ll find like-minded connections with others—from history buffs and train collectors to people who simply get a kick out of telling stories and serving guests.

Appreciation Events
Doing good can be its own reward, but there are other benefits too. Volunteers enjoy special access to Museum experiences and appreciation events in recognition of their tremendous contributions.