D&RGW Steam Locomotive No. 346 & rider car project

Locomotive No. 346 is in stall #1 receiving an annual inspection. We are not under FRA compliance for the operation of the 346 but we still follow the guideline and procedures of inspection under FRA. With the infrequent number of days that we operate the 346 we are able to do quarterly, semiannual and annual inspections all in one. We did operate the 346 enough in 2013 to have to do a 30 day inspection separate from the annual, just prior to the last time it operated.

Stall #1 is where we are currently working on the rider car when we are not doing annual work. We have fixtures for simulating T&G siding from 22 gauge paint lock steel.

SAM_0547 copy

SAM_0535 copy