News: Stall No. 5

C&S Refirgerator Car No. 1113

Written on July 15, 2012

CMO Report April 4, 2012 C&S 1113 is going together nicely. All wood sills and wood to retain insulation in the floor of the refer has been treated with linseed oil and reinstalled. We now are repairing and re-installing all the vertical wall members along with milling a new wood floor. We should see the Continue Reading »

C&S No. 1113

Written on January 20, 2012

C&S No. 1113 now is in stall # 5 for the long term. Here is a picture of it prepped to receive new side sills to both sides. The structural members of both sides are being treated with Abatron and will be reused along with the interior siding. The exterior siding and floor will be Continue Reading »