Uintah Combine Car No. 50

The Uintah Combine #50, ex D&RG first class Pullman is now in Stall #5. We will be making it road worthy and pleasant to look at with this phase of its restoration.

For now it will be set up with the modified freight car trucks that were under the B-8 for a few years and under the Passenger Coach No.284 before B-8. Swing

bolster trucks will be made for it in time. It will get a rebuilt end platform on the back, couplers & draft gear and exterior paint. The windows have been replaced

already and one of the two baggage doors has been rebuilt. Minimal painting to the interior will be done in this phase. At a later date we will reproduce the first class Pullman seating that reflected its history as a D&RG Pullman. This will more than likely happen when the interior of the Americana, a sister 1st class Pullman coming to CRRM later this month gets its funding. When this 1st phase of restoration is complete we will be able to use combine 50 as an ADA service car in our trains along with RPO 60.

Photos courtesy Museum staff, Travis Gorhum, George Lawerence.



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The diner car has a new heater unit to along with the air-conditioning unit acquired for its future use with events.