Galloping Goose Ride Saturdays

Galloping Goose Rides

On select Ride the Rails Saturdays, SCFD Free Days and Open Car Saturdays, ride on the Colorado Railroad Museum’s Galloping Goose No. 7.

Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose No. 7
Three of the original seven Galloping Geese can be found at the Museum. Created from a freight box mounted on an automobile frame, the “Geese” allowed RGS to continue passenger and freight service to remote parts of southwestern Colorado. Geese were less costly to build and operate than traditional steam passenger trains. Designed to self-balance on uneven mountain track, the swaying back half of these cars look like geese waddling down the line; hence their popular name.

Trains depart at the top of the hour between 10:00AM to 4:00PM. Special ticket pricing applies.

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