The Pullman Americana, new storage space & RGS Steam Locomotive No. 20

We are in the process of cocooning the Pullman Americana for future restoration. It will look similar to the cocooning done at the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania. Pictured are both the Americana and a Strasburg car.

SAM_0554 copy

SAM_0530 copy

Now that Thomas is over we are again working on the new acre of storage that till recently was an unusable part of the museum property.

SAM_0548 copy

SAM_0551 copy

SAM_0552 copy

SAM_0553 copy

Here are a few pictures of Locomotive No. 20 from the recent trip to Strasburg Pennsylvania.

SAM_0475 copy

SAM_0479 copy

SAM_0481 copy

SAM_0504 copy

SAM_0505 copy

SAM_0506 copy

SAM_0507 copy

SAM_0508 copy

SAM_0478 copy

SAM_0519 copy