The Polar Express Train Ride FAQ

Why should my children dress in their pajamas?

In the story, all the children taking this magical train ride are awakened from their beds on Christmas Eve. Join the fun by bringing your children in their pajamas. Adults are also welcome to join the PJ party fun.

If I haven’t read the book or seen the movie will I still have a good time?

Yes, you can read along or just listen as we read the story book on our adventure to the North Pole. But, if you have read the book or seen the movie you should feel like you’ve just stepped off the pages…as we recreate the story with your child as a part of the cast.

Where can I buy a copy of the movie or story book in advance?

During The Polar Express event, please stop by the Colorado Railroad Museum Depot General Store books, videos, games, and other holiday gift ideas. Many items are also available in our online web store.

Will I get to meet the conductor of the train?

Yes, he will call “All Aboard” when the train is ready to leave the station. There will be other storybook characters on board the train as well, so you won’t want to miss this exciting train trip.

How long is the experience?

Each performance will be about 75 minutes long.

Will my child get to meet Santa personally?

Yes, Santa will make an appearance at the North Pole and board the train to present the “first gift of Christmas.”

Can I return my tickets for a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds. Tickets can be exchanged for a different day and time for a $4 per ticket exchange fee, and with enough notice before teh originally scheduled event.