Railyard update.


CMO Report December 5, 2012

Combine #50 has new windows Next we will be looking to rebuilding the baggage doors.



Items stored in RPO 60 have been moved for cataloging and storage elsewhere We repacked the journals of 60 and did C.O.T.S. brake work making it usable for passenger train operation. We intend to install a ramp allowing ADA ridership to better enjoy train rides at CRRM on days we have it in consist.



We purchased and have received 3 ea. 50 ton Bettendorf trucks to be used under 1 of the 3 standard gage flat cars we now own from the 256 trade with the CATS.



The 256 is now in Antonito Co. Here are 2 of the 3 flat cars from the trade.


Along with my shadow here are the caboose trucks we received from a trade of wheels and axels to Roaring Camp and Big Trees Rail Road.

SAM_0262 SAM_0261

4 each standard gage box cars now occupy the track that RTD created just over a year ago for us.



 We are creating narrow gage track panels to help relocate locomotive 491 the flanger and caboose 0578. After the move the panels then will be used in other places for car storage.