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Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure. Players collect cards of various types of train cars that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who can fulfill their Destination Tickets by connecting two distant cities, and to the player who builds the longest continuous railway. So climb aboard for some railroading fun and adventure. You’ve got a Ticket to Ride!

4991In 1872, the Mile High City embraced a new way to get around and eventually boasted one of the largest streetcar systems in the nation. Enjoy the varied stops the transit system made as it grew along with the city, from the early horsecars of the Denver Horse Railroad Company and the steam-powered Colfax Avenue Railway to the running cable cars of the Denver Tramway and the electric trolleys of the South Denver Cable Railway Company. Though the last of the city’s streetcars were pulled from service in the 1950s, Denver continues to expand its modern public transportation system with today’s growing Light Rail. Join Denver historian Kevin Pharris on a tour of the city’s glorious transit past as well as the modern improvements that are getting people onto the rails once again.


Roughly 750,000 people attempt to climb a Colorado Fourteener (14er) each year. Of those climbers, 99.99% start pre-dawn to avoid deadly afternoon thunderstorms. Now imagine doing just the opposite – climbing during the stormiest part of each day and then sleeping on every 14er summit from sunset to sunrise in 95 days.


Hell on Wheels – Wicked Towns along the Union Pacific Railroad With the building of the Union Pacific Railroad in the 1860s, a new era of travel was born. Journeys that had once taken several perilous months now took only days. The construction of the railroad was a tremendous undertaking as workers battled the land, weather, and nearby Indian tribes in order to complete the track. As the railroad made it’s way west, overnight settlements, known as “hell on wheels,” sprang up. These instant cities brought opportunity to legitimate businessmen, but also opened the door to gamblers, prostitutes, and thugs. Dick Kreck chronicles these stories and highlights the heroic individuals who finally established permanent towns in the interior West.


It started in 1993. Our producer made a little show for his 3-year-old son, Jeffery. The show featured trains, animals, funny bloopers, and upbeat music. Jeffery loved it. Jeff’s mom said, “If Jeff’s likes it so much, maybe other kids will, too.” So Jeff’s mom and dad took it to a trade show in Las Vegas. It was the hit of the show. Orders poured in from Blockbusters, Toys-R-Us, libraries, and from parents all over the country.


In 1937 a narrow gauge railway locomotive pulls two passenger cars up the steep slope of the Rockies on it’s final journey from Denver to Breckenridge. See the train pass through several small towns along the South Platte, including Stronita Springs, Buffalo Creek, Pine, Bailey, Shawnee and Grant. Hear colorful tales of small town and mountain life, stories of the train’s crew and passengers, train wrecks, fires, and fierce conditions. See ice cutters on the Maddox Lakew at Shawnee, cattle vaccinations, a Depression era 4th of July celebration in Bailey, the roundhouse in Como, and much more.


Head to the Centennial State for an exclusive tour of Colorado in High Country Rail, and Emmy Award-winning film previously viewed on public television. Get a rare look at steam engines inside the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad roundhouse and see snow country on the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad. Plus, ride the engineering marvel known as the the Georgetown Loop Railroad and others including the Cripple Creek Railroad and the Manitou & Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

5848Celebrate the 20th century’s last decade as BN cascade green decorates the Alliance, Greeley, Lyons and Cheyanne-Denver lines. See UP yellow armor yellow on the Julesberg, Ft. Collins, Dent, Boulder Valley and Cheyanne-Denver routes. Great Western; Nebraska, Kansas & Colorado Railnet, and Wyoming/Colorado are also featured. Classic steam, first and second generation diesels power this comprehensive tour. See what you’ve been missing.


The Choo Choo Bob Show is a live action television show for train fanatics of all ages.  Join Choo Choo Bob, Engineer Paul, Engineer Emily, Rich Kornbelt, Conductor Dave and Charlie Rat as they explore the world of trains.


Almost 60 minutes of all-new rail adventures – real trains, toy trains, steamers, and diesels, plus new music by James Coffey. We take you back to the days when gorgeous steam locomotives like the Milwaukee Road’s Hiawatha pounded the rails. You’ll learn how to build a train layout, take a rare peek inside a steel mill and see the roles trains play. You’ll have great fun listening to the colorful language of steam-era railroad workers. See the Union Pacific’s Challenger ride the rails in Wyoming, plus the story of a lucky dog who became the mascot of the US Postal Department and rode on mail trains and boats all over the world.


During the 1950s, steam ruled the Union Pacific fleet. From the smaller 0-6-0s to the giant Big Boys, these workhorses were the backbone of an empire. Step back in time and savor the sights of steam on the UP in three different shows originally released as part of the Video Rails Classic Collectors’ series. Combined on this DVD are….


In this DVD you will witness the re-creation of the Rio Grande snow trains made famous in the history of the narrow gauge line: bucking snow drifts, backing up and hitting’er hard again to break the packed snow, powerful showers of snow flinging out the snow chute and burying anything in the snow shower’s path. Emery captured some of the most beautiful snow scenes ever filmed on Colorado narrow gauge. Locos 492 (a class K-37), 487 & 483 (class K-36s) do the honors in this film.


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