Cornelius W. Hauck Roundhouse

Cornelius Hauck Roundhouse

Railroad roundhouses were the garages and workshops for locomotives and cars. The Cornelius W. Hauck Roundhouse was completed in 2000 and is named after one of the Museum’s founders. It has five stalls and houses tools and equipment needed to restore and repair rolling stock.

Roundhouse workers must have many skills to keep equipment in working order. Volunteer machinists, pipe fitters, carpenters, electricians, painters and upholsterers contribute more than 1,200 hours a month restoring and maintaining rolling stock at the Museum.

There are five stalls in the roundhouse. No. 1 has an inspection pit for undercarriage access, No. 2 has narrow gauge rails, No. 3 includes a machine shop, No. 4 has dual-gauge rails and a wood shop and No. 5 has a pit.

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