Since the 1960s, the Colorado Railroad Museum has published small runs of books dealing with railroad history, particularly Colorado railroad history. Many of these works have been published as part of our “Colorado Rail Annual” series, which originally served as compilations of short articles but has more recently become our venue for publishing single longer works. Other works have been published by the Colorado Railroad Museum as stand-alone works, not part of a series. Shorter works have appeared as installments in our “Journal of the Colorado Railroad Museum Library,” which is published irregularly, as materials are available. A complete list of our publications is forthcoming and will be posted below.

Authors interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration should review our submission guidelines: Author Guidelines June 2013

Doing research and not sure what you may use, how? Planning to submit a manuscript, but want to double check to make sure you are complying with all applicable copyright laws? For a useful tool for determining whether your use of an image or other resource is “fair use” under copyright law, visit the University of Minnesota’s Thinking Through Fair Use page.

The Library has also published 18 “data sheets” about individual pieces of equipment exhibited at the Museum. New data sheets are under development, as of Dec. 2013, and will be posted when available.

Data Sheet No. 1: Denver and Rio Grande Caboose No. 49
Data Sheet No. 2: Denver and Rio Grande Locomotive No. 683
Data Sheet No. 3: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Locomotive No. 5629
Data Sheet No. 4: Colorado Midland Observation Car No. 111
Data Sheet No. 5: Colorado & Southern RPO Car No. 254
Data Sheet No. 6: Coors Refrigerator Car No. ADCX 5400
Data Sheet No. 7: Denver & Rio Grande Western Flanger OC
Data Sheet No. 8: Uintah Passenger Car No. 50
Data Sheet No. 9: Denver & Rio Grande Western Narrow Gauge Gondolas
Data Sheet No. 10: Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose No. 2
Data Sheet No. 11: Colorado & Southern Rotary Snow Plow No. 99201
Data Sheet No. 12: Western Weighing & Inspection Bureau Test Weight Car No. 910
Data Sheet No. 13: Union Pacific Switch Engine No. 4455
Data Sheet No. 14: Standard Oil Company 0-4-0T Switch Engine No. 1
Data Sheet No. 15: Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Locomotive No. 191
Data Sheet No. 16: Manitou & Pike’s Peak Cog Engine No. 1
Data Sheet No. 17: Rio Grande Southern Business Car “Rico”
Data Sheet No. 18: Buildings and Monuments at the Colorado Railroad Museum

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