D&RGW Steam Locomotive No. 491.

Chief Mechanical Officer’s Report – July 2013.

Now that 491 is property of CRRM it has been a center of focus in the round house. The engine has had all the grease cellars for the drivers changed over to oil cellars and the pony truck and trail truck a tender journals have all been repacked. The cylinders, valves and running gear have all been lubricated and it rolls nice and freely gain, as it should. As we have done with the rotary snow plow, we will exercise the machinery with air to maintain it in as good condition as can be. It was stored as a runnable engine with a good running gear and boiler. We can’t let it deteriorate from lake of movement. We will have our insurance company look at the boiler on 491 and the rotary snow plow so that they are aware that there are no liability’s with operating the machinery on air. We have hydro tested both boilers and will have an inspector witness a hydro soon. We will also bring both units to as high a properly maintained state as possible without spending unwarranted money on them.