D&RGW Steam Locomotive No. 491

CMO Report August 2013
Stall #2 now has Locomotive No. 491. We are in the process of getting it on the state register so that we can get a grant for abatement and a new jacket. We have washed and inspected the interior of the boiler and have taken UT measurements everywhere that has been possible with the jacket on. We will do a survey of the outer shell of the boiler before re-applying a new jacket. We have had our insurance company witness a hydro inspection on the No. 491 and they have helped us to get a Colorado boiler number and file on it. The boiler was better than 70% replaced new in the late 40’s. Both shell courses, front tube sheet and the dome where replaced new. It also received a new fire box with thermic siphons, crown sheet, side sheets door sheet, rear tube sheet, foundation ring and partials on the throat, back head and wrapper. It basically shows no indication of wastage or grooving on anything. The rivets that we have looked at from bore-scope and internal inspection are sharp and crisp in appearance. There is no reason to remove the tubes to get a state ticket for operation on air, or for steam as we are insular from FRA on boiler matters. We currently wish to exercise the machinery on air and all is now in place to do so without any compliance issues. We will have to let our inspector witness a test fire to get a complete state ticket for steam operation after the abatement if we decide to steam it up. We have all the appliances to operate the engine reworked to running order including the air compressor that was new in the late 40’s and has minimal ware. We still will not spend any money on the locomotive that is not warrantied. But we are very lucky that this is a locomotive that was stored operational in Alamosa well in ICC compliance. It was laid up properly and the dry climate of Colorado has helped with its current condition. The old boiler jacket is in bad shape but we will more than likely find the shell of the boiler in good condition after the abatement. The tender will need deck work.
There is some wrought in the upper coal sheets. Tank is in fairly good shape.

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