C&S Refrigerator Car No. 1113



CMO Report December 5, 2012

C&S Reefer No. 1113 in stall 5 now has doors mounted on both sides of the car. We have received some wood that was to be dried and used for siding but we aren’t going to get enough wood soon enough to meet our needs. This supply on wood was direct from a mill and at a great discount from  buying from Denver wood suppliers. We want to finish the car in a reasonable amount of time so we will be purchasing enough wood to side the car at full price. This wood will already be dried and can be milled into siding at purchase time moving the completion date for the car much sooner than had been anticipated. Siding is all that is left to finish the project.


We have the Diner car out the east side of the round house. Here is the air conditioning unit purchased to keep the car cool in hot months. It is self contained and will work in the car keeping it mobile.