Chief Mechanical Officer’s Report

CMO Report April 13, 2013
If you haven’t seen the interior of RPO 60, here are photos of the Baggage end of the car. This also is the area used for ADA when running a Varnish train.



At this point 90 % of the rail and other steel hardware have been disassembled and moved to the Museum from the old Jolly Rancher Candy location. Some ties have been moved and a lot more will be coming. We also will be receiving the ballast from this track relocation. We acquired some fencing from the deal, but I have traded it to contractors for relief in costs of moving to track. We should have the balance of supplies in the next week or so, weather permitting.



We have been working on the interior of the rotary snow plow making it presentable to the public for open car days. After evicting the feathered tenants and cleaning up after them, painting and other detail work has been going on in the wheel house. The steel sheeting that has covered the windows is being removed and new wood frames and glass will be installed. The wood frames are nearly finished at this point.



Work continues on the track between the museum building and the library. It is now time for the corner of the parking lot in front of the museum building to be trimmed so that the 20 degree curve needed can cross leading it to the main line at the crossing. The track crew has been prepping switch ties and assembling rail to ties for the 3 rail project that will allow the Midland Car No. 111, The Great Western Combine no. 100, and the Locomotive no. 683 to move to the Roundhouse for much needed restoration. This will also allow the diner to be moved back in replacing them. We have plans to move the UP coach in with the diner soon.


We have been receiving loads of un-screened road mill free of charge. Unscreened mill is not usable for most of the grounds work so we will continue to purchase screened material as needed. The Un-screened material is being used on the new access road and fire break along the north side of the property. Using it here will help to manage weed and mud control for both the road and the expanding storage area also there. The unsightly lumps of steel needed to run a railroad will be moved to this new location improving the visual and safety aspects of the rest of the property.


The CB&Q box car with the dual pane windows on the side of it has been moved from the front of the property to the roundhouse area so that it can be cleaned up and re-commissioned for the Curator’s office and the artifact cataloging area. It will be moved to an area on the east side of the Museum building.



The burned out sleeper car that was at the north east corner of the property has been moved to the roundhouse area to be re-purposed for usefulness.


We received the 3rd standard gauge flat car from Antonito that will be converted to a narrow gauge rider car. We now have car bodies enough for 3 new rider cars on property.