News: Stall No. 4

D&IM Caboose No. 902

Written on February 18, 2013

CMO Report January 9, 2013 DIM caboose 902 is in stall 4 nearly ready for a clear coat finish for UV protection.

D&IM Caboose No. 902

Written on January 6, 2013

CMO Report December 5, 2012 The 3011 has been moved out and the DIM caboose has moved in to stall 4 for clear coat or varnish to help with fading paint from UV exposure.

D&RGW Diesel Locomotive no. 3011

Written on December 5, 2012

¬†CMO Report October 11, 2012 The 3011 has had latches removed from the prime mover compartment doors and more cleaning done in prep for blasting and paint. In the snowy months ahead, it will be moved out side so that we can do some paint and varnish work on a number of other collection pieces Continue Reading »

D&RGW Diesel Locomotive No. 3011

Written on July 15, 2012

April 4, 2012 We have spent the first few of many hours of prep for paint on 3011. Both the steam cleaner and new blast unit were used to start removing many years of dirt ,rust, gunk and nasty paint over the last couple of Thursdays.