News: Stall No. 3

Passenger Truck Project & more

Written on October 30, 2013

The passenger truck project is still moving forward in Stall # 3 but we also have received a donation of a sheet metal shear. We added the ability to use my skid loader as a fork lift when the blue fork lift is not up to task. All projects executed in Stall # 3.

Passenger truck project

Written on August 13, 2013

CMO Report August 2013 The passenger truck project is still moving forward. The spring planks and hardware are now started.

Trucks project update

Written on July 18, 2013

¬†Chief Mechanical Officer’s Report – July, 2013 We are working on the wood swing bolster trucks in stall 3 and are recreating all of the drawings and parts lists in AutoCAD and solid works to preserve the engineering data in an electronic format.

Baggage Car No. 168 Truck Project

Written on June 11, 2013

In working on putting useable freight car trucks under Uintah No. 50 we have found that a considerable amount of effort would need to be put into making them workable. We therefore have changed the target of this set of passenger car trucks to go under Uintah 50 (Stall 5) instead of baggage car 168.