News: Stall No. 3

Part construction for stall nos. 2 & 5

Written on May 5, 2014

Stall 3 has been cleared for room so volunteers can fabricate new sheet metal side panels for the¬†Rider Car project in stall 2 and passenger car trucks for Uintah No. 50 in stall 5.  

New Iron Horse News Video Available Now

Written on February 10, 2014

¬†Click here to watch the latest Iron Horse News Video. In the sixth edition of the Iron Horse News Video series the Museum’s Store Coordinator & Buyer Andrea Bestor takes a look at some of the unique items available in the Depot General Store and online. She also mentions the Annual Auction of Used and Continue Reading »

Passenger Truck Project & more

Written on October 30, 2013

The passenger truck project is still moving forward in Stall # 3 but we also have received a donation of a sheet metal shear. We added the ability to use my skid loader as a fork lift when the blue fork lift is not up to task. All projects executed in Stall # 3.

Passenger truck project

Written on August 13, 2013

CMO Report August 2013 The passenger truck project is still moving forward. The spring planks and hardware are now started.