News: Stall No. 2

D&RGW Business Car B-8

Written on May 24, 2012

  On B-8 work has started on reworking the front end platform. Rotted wood has been removed to make patters for replacement sills.

Business Car No. B-8

Written on March 22, 2012

    The B-8 Business Car has now been moved to stall #2 where it will spend a lot of time receiving a healthy dose of TLC before returning outside, exposed to weather and sun. We are about 80% done with stripping paint from the exterior of the car.

Locomotive No. 318

Written on January 20, 2012

Locomotive No. 318 has been in stall #2 most of last month and was moved to stall # 1 recently. Final work requiring the shop pit has been finished. It will be moved out of the round house in the next few days.