News: Stall No. 2

GC&SJ Excursion Car Project

Written on March 10, 2013

CMO Report March 6, 2013 – The first of the GC&SJ excursion cars is moving along. The couplers have been lowered so buffers can be applied.

New Rider Cars.

Written on February 18, 2013

 CMO Report February 7, 2013  The new rider cars project has been moved to Stall 2 so that stall 3 can be used for passenger car trucks  for Baggage car 168.  I have decided to number the first 3 rider cars 281, 282 and 283 as we already have 280 and 284. We are working Continue Reading »

D&RGW Business Car No. B-8

Written on February 18, 2013

CMO Report January 9, 2013 Work on the B-8 end platforms continue. We are very close to adding color to the exterior of the car.

D&RGW Business Car no. B-8

Written on January 6, 2013

CMO Report December 5, 2012 Work on the B-8 end platforms continues. Work continues on the exterior siding and belt rails. We have found a fair amount of wood in different storage locations around the property to continue the B-8 project. We will have to purchase some wood to finish it totally. We are planning Continue Reading »