Roundhouse News

There are always a multitude of on-going restoration projects at the Colorado Railroad Museum, most of which take place in Cornelius W. Hauck Restoration Roundhouse Facility.

Here's the latest Roundhouse News from our CMO, Jack Campbell.

D&RGW Coach No. 284

Written on May 27, 2014

One side of D&RGW Coach No. 284 is nearly stripped for its new paint job. We will prime the car with Arbitron epoxy and paint with urethane paint. Then immediately finish with clear coat (the same as the D&RGW Business Car B-8). This will hopefully negate all the problems with UV and pealing.

Museum Rider Car Project

Written on May 27, 2014

The first rider car is nearing completion and receiving some finishing touches.

D&RGW K-37 Steam Locomotive No. 491

Written on May 27, 2014

The fireman’s side injector on 491 now has complete piping, connecting the boiler supply steam , tender water through the suction pipe, and a delivery pipe to the boiler check valve. This piping is now being duplicated for the engineer’s side. For more information on the D&RGW K-37 Steam Locomotive restoration project watch the latest Continue Reading »

D&RGW Steam Locomotive No. 491

Written on May 26, 2014

Engine Side Injector Line Complete D&RGW K-37 No. 491 now has her fireman side injector plumbed up! Getting that much closer to a steam test! D&RGW K-37 No. 491’s injector line on the Engineer┬áside is now DONE!