Roundhouse News

There are always a multitude of on-going restoration projects at the Colorado Railroad Museum, most of which take place in Cornelius W. Hauck Restoration Roundhouse Facility.

Here's the latest Roundhouse News from our CMO, Jack Campbell.

Week in review

Written on August 27, 2015

Staff and volunteers at the Colorado Railroad Museum have been extremely busy this year but the past week in particular saw some major restoration work, equipment moves, construction and events. Click the images below for larger views. D&RGW Steam Locomotive No. 491 This week Master Mechanic & Grants Manager Mike Spera and volunteers Benjamin Fearn Continue Reading »

D&RGW Combine Car No. 1230 Move

Written on July 9, 2015

Staff at the Colorado Railroad Museum completed a large equipment move today. D&RGW Combine Car No. 1230 was moved from next to the roundhouse to a new display location behind D&RGW Diesel F-Unit Nos. 5771 & 5762. Join Museum Chief Mechanical Officer Jack Campbell for an up close look at the move. Don’t forget to Continue Reading »

Roundhouse Project Update – Early July

Written on July 2, 2015

Colorado Railroad Museum Restoration Manager Jeff Ambrose presents a progress update on the Uintah Combine No. 50 restoration, the repair and repainting of D&RG Caboose No. 49 and the Museum’s Rider Car project.

Pavilion Construction & Garden Railway Convention Preparations

Written on June 25, 2015

DGRS & Pavilion Construction Update Join Denver Garden Railway Chairman and Colorado Railroad Museum Advisory Board Member Alan Olson as he provides a brief update on the construction of the Museum’s new outdoor covered pavilion and the DGRS Club’s preparations for the Annual National Garden Railway Convention. For more information on the Denver Garden Railway Continue Reading »