News: Stall No. 4

Roundhouse Project Update – Early July

Written on July 2, 2015

Colorado Railroad Museum Restoration Manager Jeff Ambrose presents a progress update on the Uintah Combine No. 50 restoration, the repair and repainting of D&RG Caboose No. 49 and the Museum’s Rider Car project.

D&RGW Passenger Coach No. 284

Written on August 14, 2014

D&RGW Passenger Coach No. 284 is still being stripped in preparation for a new coat of paint.

D&RGW Coach No. 284

Written on May 27, 2014

One side of D&RGW Coach No. 284 is nearly stripped for its new paint job. We will prime the car with Arbitron epoxy and paint with urethane paint. Then immediately finish with clear coat (the same as the D&RGW Business Car B-8). This will hopefully negate all the problems with UV and pealing.

Iron Horse News Video

Written on May 5, 2014

The latest episode of the Iron Horse News Video is now available online. Featuring a new format, this episode takes an in-depth look at the Denver & Rio Grande Western Steam Locomotive No. 491 restoration project. View the¬†latest video update¬†on the Colorado Railroad Museum’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to share this video link with your Continue Reading »