News: Railyard

Around the Railyard

Written on May 5, 2014

The primary¬†display track located between the main Museum building and the Richardson Library has been extended and connected to the main Museum loop. This will allow the Museum to access the equipment for restoration and maintenance purposes.   Work on the new, north Fire Lane has also been completed. This access road will provide better Continue Reading »

New Iron Horse News Video Available Now

Written on February 10, 2014

¬†Click here to watch the latest Iron Horse News Video. In the sixth edition of the Iron Horse News Video series the Museum’s Store Coordinator & Buyer Andrea Bestor takes a look at some of the unique items available in the Depot General Store and online. She also mentions the Annual Auction of Used and Continue Reading »

The Pullman Americana, new storage space & RGS Steam Locomotive No. 20

Written on October 30, 2013

We are in the process of cocooning the Pullman Americana for future restoration. It will look similar to the cocooning done at the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania. Pictured are both the Americana and a Strasburg car. Now that Thomas is over we are again working on the new acre of storage that till recently was Continue Reading »

Around the Museum grounds…

Written on August 13, 2013

The exterior of the diner car is finished except for lettering. The main line and house track are again usable. We have received 500 14 ton loads of road mill delivered free of charge. We now can do more weed abatement and grounds manicuring than ever. We will also put down about 4 inches of Continue Reading »