Annual Auction FAQ

I have listed information below based on common questions received regarding our annual auction.

If your question is not answered below please contact the Museum Auction & Multimedia Coordinator, Matt Isaacks at or by calling 720-274-5141.

Shipping & Handling Fees

Shipping prices listed online have been calculated for USPS MEDIA MAIL WITHOUT INSURANCE COVERAGE, in the continental United States.

USPS Media Mail – default auction shipping method. Can be delivered to PO Boxes and can contain any of the items listed for auction.
USPS Priority Mail – available for packages that contain material excluded from Media Mail Packages (calendars, china, advertising materials, artifacts, etc…), Priority Mail is more expensice and faster than Media Mail Service.
UPS Ground – often cheaper for heavier packages (20lbs+) UPS cannot ship to PO Boxes.
International Shipping – bidders from other countries are welcome to participate. However, we caution international bidders that they will be invoiced for the actual cost of shipping and international shipping fees can be very expensive. International shipping cannot be calculated until the auction closes.
Insured Shipping – insurance can be selected for most packages at additional cost. Uninsured items cannot be replaced and we cannot offer a refund for uninsured items damaged in shipping.

The Museum will ship material to the winning bidder after processing payment online (Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit/debt card, Pay Pal or eCheck).

Payment can be mailed to the Museum (check or money order) at CRRM, PO Box 1o, Golden, 80401.

Payment is expected within 30 days of the close of the auction.

Items can also be picked up by the winning bidder for no additional fee.

I do not see a picture?

We strive to include photos of all of the items included in each auction. Sometimes images are not available for various reasons including not enough volunteer help, unusual sizes and more.

Actual Bidding Vs. Proxy Bidding

Actual Bidding – placing an “actual” bid will raise a lot item’s current bid price to the amount entered.

Proxy Bidding – placing a “proxy” bid will increase a lot item’s current bid by the minimum amount necessary to win the item. A proxy bid will continue to increase as other bidders attempt to win the item until the maximum amount set is reached or passed.

Bidder 1 places an opening, minimum bid on an item for $1 and becomes the “highest bidder.”

Bidder 2 decides he is willing to spend as much as $20 on the item and enters a $20 “proxy” bid, becoming the “highest bidder” with a total bid of $1.50.

Bidder 1 realizes he has been out bid and places a $4 bid on the item only to see the “highest bidder” remains unchanged with a new bid of $4.50.

Bidder 1 decides to enter a $30 proxy bid and becomes the current “highest bidder” with a bid of $20.50.

Auction Close

The auction will close at 6:00PM MST on Monday November 6, 2017.

Items that receive a bid in the last three minutes will be extended for an additional three minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Once closed the system will automatically generate invoices for winning bidders. Bidders can now pay online, mail in their payment or make payment over the phone at 720-274-5141.

Orders and requests for updated shipping calculations will be processed in the order that the request or payment is received.