Around the yard…

The Diner Car has the generator back under it and it now is wired to create 3 phase power for the new AC Unit and heater. The east side of the shop is now clear to set up the 30 foot tent that Bill Robie got for us to use in standard gauge restoration projects. It will be helpful for the Locomotive No. 3011 and the Midland Passenger Coach No. 111 that soon will be at the round house. The wood that was on the east side of the round house is now nicely organized on the racks behind the round house that we received from a MillerCoors donation.

SAM_0381 copy

SAM_0382 copy

The track project continues somewhat behind schedule due to weather and snow. Here is a picture of the track now crossing the corner of what was parking lot and the fence in its new location.

SAM_0386 copy

SAM_0387 copy

SAM_0385 copy

The new home for the Coors switcher has been created and the engine is near its new home waiting for the last details to get it moved into place.

SAM_0383 copy

The new road across the north side of the property allowing access for fire equipment and control is now finished. The road starts at the southwest side of the cut and comes out at water tank. It for the most part follows the property line on the north fence. This along with the bear trap and a policy to only run coal burning locos in a clockwise direction is our proactive plan to try and run the coal burners again. We really would like to avoid burning oil in all the locomotives.

SAM_0384 copy