2013 Equipment Relocation Project

 CMO Report February 7, 2013
 The 2013 car relocation project has been moving along. We nearly have storage for a six car narrow gage train just south of the table mountain spur. As we moved the panel tracks used to move the 491 , flanger OC, 0578, 191, and the 49 bobber caboose to this location. This will eliminate our need for space and hide some of the poor looking equipment from plain view. Weather this track stays permanently at this location is still to be determined.




The D&IM Caboose has had 2 coats of satin clear coat applied to bring back the color that had faded due to UV damage from the sun.



Hear are some pictures of the ongoing “Main Grounds” track project at the Museum.

Westside of the Museum Depot Building.



 When the new table mountain spur is populated with equipment we will be able to finish the grade for the new 3 rail track and start building track on the grade. Here are more photos of the grounds clean up taking place in preperation for moving the challenger box car.